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27 January 2020

New logo and profile for Petrolia NOCO AS

Petrolia Noco today reveals the company’s new logotype, which has been designed to reflect the company’s role in driving collaboration efforts on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“We believe in collaboration between companies and industries to drive the future of the energy industry forward. That is why our new logo consists of different circles that together identify a target in the middle. The more circles, the clearer the target. Our innovative and energetic team is working quickly and digitally together with our license partners to increase the accuracy of our work, and together identify tomorrow’s solutions on our common challenges,” says Linn Katrine Høie, managing director of Petrolia Noco.

Petrolia Noco aims to change the traditional license partnership model from an organisation consisting of different partners to one collaborative team — sharing openly and transparently instead of selectively. All with the shared objective of creating more value for the next generation.