Mailing address

Espehaugen 32 B
5258 Blomsterdalen

Visiting address

Espehaugen 32 B
5258 Blomsterdalen

How we work

In Petrolia Noco, we are dedicated to building a strong company culture based on our core values of collaboration, competence and value creation.

The core values of Petrolia Noco support the company vision and strategy and help us in achieving our goals.


  • We are dynamic, dedicated and enjoy working together – internally and with partners and suppliers
  • We share information and communicate openly and honestly
  • We are an active partner and contribute to the future of the oil and gas industry


  • We seek knowledge, build competence and value creativity
  • We contribute with innovative, cost-efficient solutions
  • We are data driven, technology-focused and promote digitalization

Value creation

  • We create value through active portfolio and asset management
  • We create value for society, company and shareholders
  • We create value for the energy transition and next generation