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What makes you different from everyone else?

At Petrolia Noco different means unique. We will create our own success, but not by copying others. Are you a person that likes to embrace new technologies as basis for developing new ideas and delivering new insights? Then you may like working here. Check out our current available positions below.

Niche exploration and recruitment

Have you ever been to a meeting or a dinner party and afterwards thought that “I really liked Person X because she was the same as everyone else”?

Our point exactly.

Being different is good. It is by being different Petrolia Noco can stand out amongst the other operators and license holders on the Norwegian continental shelf. Both in terms of applying new methods to find oil and gas, and as a place to work, challenge consensus, discover and grow. We believe that success comes from strong collaborations between talented and experienced people dedicated to efficient and intelligent processes.

What characterizes the people who work at Petrolia Noco?

Dedication: they never stop searching for new insights. The search is what drives us to go further in our explorations, deliver more significant results and work better together;

Flair: skills are something everyone can acquire over time, but flair is something only the few are born with. Our knowledgeable people have a flair for opportunities, where others see obstacles;

Openness: to behave openly requires both curiosity and boldness. This is what makes us successful in being inventive and including.

Does this sound like you? We are currently exploring: are you our next major discovery? Send your application to: